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    Sec. 11-123. Demolition Permits.


    Sec. 11-123. Demolition permits.
    A demolition permit shall carry with it the following requirements:
    (a) Demolition projects shall be commenced without undue delay and shall be diligently carried on to satisfactory completion and, in any event, shall be completed within ninety (90) days from the date the permit is issued.
    (b) When a building has been demolished and no building operation has been projected or approved, the vacant lot shall be cleared of all rubbish and materials, and all excavations shall be filled to existing grade at the original building site so that the premises are left in a safe and sanitary condition. The lot shall be maintained free from the accumulation of rubbish and all other unsafe or hazardous conditions which endanger the life or health of the public; and provision shall be made to prevent the accumulation of water or damage to any foundation on the premises or the adjoining property.
    (c) All sewer lines or connections must be permanently sealed by plugging them with concrete or concrete mortar, and all gas, water and electric services shall be disconnected at the property lines.
    (d) It shall be the duty of every person who shall make contracts for the demolition of buildings for which a permit is required to give good and sufficient bond as required by Section 11-74.
    (e) It is required that the division of inspections be notified upon completion of the demolition project in order that the premises be inspected for compliance with the above requirements. (Ord. of 10-28-03, O-03-177, eff. 10-1-03)
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