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    Sec. 11-122. Building Valuations.


    Sec. 11-122. Building valuations.
    (a) The owner or his duly authorized agent shall, upon making application for a building permit, furnish the building official with his best estimate of the total cost of the construction. Upon the completion of the work, he, or his duly authorized agent, shall report to the building official on a form furnished by the inspection division the final cost, including heating, plumbing and lighting of said structure, alteration, addition, improvement or repair. This final cost to be submitted prior to receiving the certificate of occupancy for the structure.
    (b) Total cost of construction is defined as the actual cost incurred by the owner, all contractors, subcontractors and other parties for labor, material, equipment, profit, and incidental expenses for the entire project. This does not include the cost of design services unless those services are included in a construction contract. (Ord. of 10-28-03, O-03-177, eff. 10-1-03)
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