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    Sec. 10-29. Impoundment of Unregistered Mopeds.


    Sec. 10-29. Impoundment of unregistered mopeds.
    (a) When any police officer or other officer charged with the duty of enforcing the ordinances of the city shall discover any unregistered moped in any public place in the possession or control of any person, the officer may take custody of such moped and impound the same. Any moped so impounded shall be released only upon a satisfactory showing of ownership, payment of five dollars ($5.00) for storage charges, and proper registration and display of a tag or number plate by the owner or an agent of the owner.
    (b) Any juvenile whose moped is impounded pursuant to this section shall be escorted forthwith to their place of residence or other appropriate place.
    (c) An officer impounding a moped under this section shall inform the person from whom possession or control of the moped was removed of the provisions of this section. Upon the taking of the moped into the officers’ possession, the officer shall mail or hand deliver a notice containing the provisions of this section. In the case of a juvenile, such notice shall be mailed or hand delivered to the juvenile’s parent or guardian.
    (d) If any moped impounded under this section is not reclaimed within thirty (30) days from the date of impounding, the chief of police or an agent of the chief of police shall cause the bicycle to be sold and the fund therefrom disposed of in accordance with section 10-28 of this chapter. (Ord. No. O-99-225, 10-12-99, eff. 1-1-00; Ord. No. O-00-008, 01-11-00, eff. 01-01-00)
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