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    Science Fiction

    Science fiction is the genre of the future. From space travel and alien encounters, to nanotechnology and cloning, these stories explore the possibilities of science, technology, and humanity.



    2312 Kim Stanely Robinson
    AnnihilationJeff VanderMeer
    The Beautiful LandAlan Averill
    BlackoutConnie Willis
    ChillElizabeth Bear
    Earth AfireOrson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston
    GenesisPoul Anderson
    The Goliath StoneLarry Niven & Matthew Joseph Harrington
    InfluxDaiel Suarez
    The MartianAndy Weir
    Mass EffectWilliam C. Dietz
    Necessary IllDeb Taber
    RedshirtsJohn Scalzi
    SecondWorldJeremey Robinson
    TranscendentalJames Gunn
    TranshumanBen Bova
    WoolHugh Howey