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    Rental Program



    Dana L. Horne, EdS., CZA, ICC-AACE

    Property Maintenance Official – Rental Program Manager

    Rental Website: www.lynchburgva.gov/rental-program

    for an inspection or questions about rental page content at 434-455-3922 or dana.horne@lynchburgva.gov.


    Lynchburg City Code Article III Section 11-161-Section 11-173 and Code of Virginia § 36-105.1:1

    City Council finds that residential dwelling units, when not the subject of regular inspections to ensure compliance with applicable occupancy, building maintenance and property maintenance regulations, may become unsafe, a public nuisance and unfit for human habitation. Residential rental dwelling units are subject to overcrowding, structural deterioration and an overall neglected appearance. These conditions can lead to a decline in neighborhood quality of life, neighborhood appearance and the value of real estate. This article is adopted to protect the public health, safety and welfare in residential rental dwelling units located within those areas of the city determined by City Council herein to be in need of a special program of inspections of residential rental dwelling units. This program is designed and intended to prevent property deterioration and neighborhood blight in designated rental inspection districts and to promote safe, decent and sanitary residential rental dwelling units for citizens by requiring property building maintenance and continued compliance with applicable building regulations.

    Rental Program Purpose and Intent

    Residential dwelling and building standards provide protection for citizens and neighborhoods by ensuring sub-standard living conditions are reduced. In 1993 the City of Lynchburg first adopted the minimum building maintenance and residential rental dwelling standards for properties within the city limits in order to produce thriving, attractive, safe neighborhoods and enhance citizen’s quality of life. The City’s Residential Rental Inspection Program began its enforcement process in 2005 based on the designated rental inspection districts (see district map). Rentals are added to the rental inspection program upon discovery, new ownership or based on City Assessor data.

    Lynchburg City Code Article III Section 11-170 Violations

    (a) It shall be unlawful for any owner or managing agent to fail to comply with the requirements contained in this article and to fail to comply with the provisions of the uniform statewide building code.

    (b) Unless otherwise provided herein, the penalties imposed for a violation of this article shall be punished by a fine of not more than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2.500). Any person convicted of a second offense committed within less than five (5) years after a first offense under this chapter shall be punished by a fine of not less than one thousand dollars ($1,000) nor more than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500). Any person convicted of a second offense committed within a period of five (5) to ten (10) years of a first offense under this chapter shall be punished by a fine of not less than five hundred dollars ($500) nor more than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2.500). Any person convicted of a third or subsequent offense involving the same property committed within ten (10) years of an offense under this chapter after having been at least twice previously convicted shall be punished by confinement in jail for not more than ten (10) days and a fine of not less than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) nor more than five thousand dollars ($5,000), either or both. No portion of the fine imposed for such third or subsequent offense committed within ten (10) years of an offense under this chapter shall be suspended. All fines imposed for violations of the provisions of this article shall be payable to the city.

    (c) If any violation remains uncorrected at the time of conviction, the court shall order the violator to abate or remedy the violation and to bring the property into compliance with the uniform statewide building code. Except as otherwise provided by the court for good cause shown, any such violator shall abate or remedy the violation within six (6) months of the date of conviction. Each day during which the violation continues after the court-ordered abatement period has ended shall constitute a separate offense.


    The Residential Rental Inspection Districts consist of:

    • Daniels Hill Census Tract #4

    • Rivermont Census Tract #4

    • Down Town Census Tract #5

    • College Hill Census Tract #6

    • Dearington Census Tract #6

    • Garland Hill Census Tract #6

    • Tinbridge Hill Census Tract #6

    • Miller Park Census Tract #7

    • Diamond Hill Census Tract #11

    • White Rock Hill Census Tract #19 (formally 12&13)

    •  Fairview Heights Census Tract #19 (formally 12&13)

    • Seminary Hill Census Tract #19 (formally 12&13)

    • Tyreeanna Census Tract #19 (formally 12&13)

    • Winston Ridge Census Tract #19 (formally 12&13)

    • Code of Virginia § 36-105.1:1 paragraph B-3 states: An individual residential rental dwelling unit outside of a designated rental inspection district is made subject to the rental inspection ordinance based upon a separate finding for each individual dwelling unit by the local governing body that (i) there is a need to protect the public health, welfare and safety of the occupants of that individual dwelling unit; (ii) the individual dwelling unit is either (a) blighted or (b) in the process of deteriorating; or (iii) there is evidence of violations of the Building Code that affect the safe, decent and sanitary living conditions for tenants living in such individual dwelling unit.

                   Click map for larger view

    Also See - Rental Inspection Brochure and Checklist


    • The rental property owner(s) registered with Lynchburg City Assessor's office is referred to as; "the responsible party" for all correspondence material and documentation, mailed either manual or digital, from the Inspections Division related to: Rental Inspections Program, Virginia Laws, City Codes, and related resources provided below.

    • An Annual Residential Rental Inspection Notice indicating date and time of the scheduled inspection, plus any fees associated with the inspection, is mailed to the owner of record (based on data from the Assessor's office). 

    • Non-Owner occupied units (including family) and Rent-to-Own type contracts units are considered as a rental (not unless, the purchaser or family member is recorded as a co-owner documented with the Assessor's office).  Please be advised: The owner of record must provide the Assessor's office with the proper documentation to make the required change. Once the change has been documented, it is the owner's responsibility to contact the Property Maintenance Official – Rental Program Manager ​Rental Administrator of the change. City Assessor's Office: 434-455-3830.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

    • It is the responsibility of the owner to notify hired rental management agencies and/or occupant of the scheduled rental inspection date and time.
    • For an inspection time to be rescheduled, please call 48 hours prior to scheduled inspection time at 434-455-3922 or email dana.horne@lynchburgva.gov for a new inspection date and time.

    • There is a charge of $50.00 for the initial rental inspection. The first follow-up inspection is at no charge. Further follow-up inspections (#2 rental, #3 rental and no-show rentals) are an additional $50.00.

    • Please make all checks payable to the City of Lynchburg. Cash or credit card payments along with the Inspection of Residential Rental Unit letter/bill, is available at the Billings and Collections window, Monday- Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (online rental fee payment through the "Citylink" is not available at this time). 

    • If no violations are cited or minor violations are abated within a reasonable time, a 4-four-year waiver and a Certificate of Compliance are issued.  Rental fees must be paid no later than 30 days after the initial rental inspection. Payment after 30 days will result in a 1-one-year Certificate of Compliance being issued.  After the 4-four-year certificate expires, a rental inspection will be scheduled.

    • If violations are cited and not abated within a reasonable period of time, a 1-one-year Certificate of Compliance is issued.  After the 1-one or 4-four year certificate expires a rental inspection will be scheduled.

    • Courtesy Residential Rental Inspection Program Section 8/Certificate of Compliance exemption waiver: Rental dwellings which are contracted with the LRHA Section 8/HUD Housing Assistance Program are required to supply a current "Notification of Rent" or verification letter from LRHA confirming an inspection was conducted and is in compliance with the current International Property Maintenance Code minimal habitable standards. Please send verification to the Rental Program Administrator's email/mail address below in order to exempt the residential rental inspection fees and waive inspection. Verification is subject to an annual review and must be resubmitted each year to remain exempt from the Residential Rental Inspection Program. Rental units within Lynchburg City's designated Rental Inspection Districts which are not registered with the city, are not eligible for a courtesy Rental Certificate of Compliance. 

    • Rental units/cases under new ownership become void and are not transferable. A new case with the new owner must be opened and inspected in order to receive a valid Rental Certificate of Compliance and or Residential Rental Inspection Program Section 8 Exemption Waiver.

    For a comprehensive overview of the rental program process, rental inspection checklist and related resources, please refer to the following links:    


                                                                                                                                                                  Free Flash Player Download 


              RENTAL PROGRAM   

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    If you are having trouble with your landlord or management company not responding to repair request, you can fill out the 14 day letter for repair request and a copy of your written request will be emailed to the city inspections office. If the responsible party does not make the repairs within a reasonable timeframe, you must call the city to schedule an appointment to conduct an official inspection. Please note: Responsible parties are the owner of record AND the occupants for sanitation and other responsibilities (please be sure you are serious about your complaints). All building code notice of violations reports are subject to court action and criminal charges.





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    • Code Enforcement Inspection Information Sheet { Inoperable vehicles, High grass, & Inspections contacts}      







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                      PUBLIC EDUCATION SERIES   



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      Code ​of Virginia Chapter 13. Landlord and Tenant  (Dwellings not covered under the above Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act (VRLTA)



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             MOLD ISSUES  

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             FAIR HOUSING LAWS 

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          Renters Checklist (also see Rental Brochure link below)




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             BED BUG / PEST GUIDES  

               Utilize same method for most any pest infestation- use 14 day request for repair letter above if needed

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          Need to upgrade a pull chain light fixture WITHOUT running wires?

    • Thanks to Mr. Spencer - his idea of simply adding an Interior Motion Sensor Light or Single-Pole Occupancy Sensing Switch solved the problem. The cost is around $20.00 and up.

              Known locations near Lynchburg that stock Interior Motion Sensor Light  

    • Lowes

    • Home Depot

    • Local lighting stores

    • Online Stores

    Wood Window Won't Stay Up: window may or may not have window weight and or rope (dangerous for fingers and egress).  

    • Try Wood Window Tension Sash Springs - cost $3.50 and up for a pack of two. 

             Known locations near Lynchburg that stock window springs:

    • Home Depot 

    • Lowes  - Online

    • Lynchburg - Bailey Spencer on Main Street

    • Roanoke - Melrose Hardware

    • Online - Search for Wood Window Tension Sash Springs

    Energy Tips from Friends of American Electric Power (AEP) 

             Some energy ideas that may prove to be very beneficial:

    • For instance where one tenant is paying for an incorrectly wired houses or duplexes... tell the tenant to cut their main breaker off for perhaps an hour or two and see if the neighbor complains. Or move their refrigerated items to a friends’ house and leave it off all day.

    • If you turn on the hot water and add no cold water, will it burn you?  If it does, you either need to lower the temperature on the thermostats or the water heater is malfunctioning.

    • For heat season: Feel the larger of the two copper pipes coming out of the back of the heat pump (outside hvac unit).  If your hvac/heating system is not getting hot when in the regular heating mode, you are running off of just emergency heat.  The emergency heat is VERY expensive (the larger pipe is the one with the black insulation around it).

    • Change your filter in the heating and cooling months, every time you receive an electric bill.

    • Be sure the vents are open and clear of furniture.

    • Consider fluorescent lighting.

    • Create a form that allows the tenant to evaluate the electric bills of an apartment prior to renting it. This might be easy to incorporate into section 8 housing. It would be similar to the stickers you see on energy efficient appliances. If renters see the winter bills are extremely high they will not rent the unit. If the landlord cannot rent the unit due to high bills, he/she will be forced to improve it.

    If you would like to share a money saving tip, please email tip to: dana.horne@lynchburgva.gov  (add wording "rental tip" in subject line)

    Dana L. Horne, EdS., CZA, ICC-AACE

    Property Maintenance Official – Rental Program Manager

    Community Development ~ Inspections Division
    900 Church Street 

    Lynchburg, VA 24504


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