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    Parking Pay Station Pilot Program

    Step by Step Parking Pay Station Directions

    1. Note your license plate number.
    2. Visit the pay station and press the start button to wake display screen.
    3. Press 1 for Parking Pay by Plate.
    4. Enter license plate number.
    5. Press the green check key.
    6. Select the free one hour if that’s all you need or insert your payment to add more time.
    7. Pay using either coins or a credit card.
    Insert coins one at a time. Screen will show dollar amount inserted and the time your parking will expire. Press the green button to accept and get your receipt or the red button to cancel.
    Insert card face up with logo reading to the left. Select amount of time you wish to purchase by using the blue buttons. Press the green button to accept and get receipt or the red button to cancel.

    About the Parking Pay Station Pilot Program

    The City of Lynchburg is introduced a new pilot parking program in downtown in May, 2016. The purpose of the program is to better manage parking on the 1200 block of downtown and to ensure that customers have convenient parking for shopping and business needs. The new pay stations will serve multiple parking spaces and accept coins and credit/debit cards. After the pilot concludes, the on-street parking meter program will be evaluated for its efficiencies and effectiveness. To learn more about the pay station pilot watch the video below or read the informational brochure. 


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