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    Notices of Award

    Solicitation Number Solicitation Name Awarded Vendor Procurement Contact
    13-830 Sprinkler Services for City of Lynchburg Buildings Lynchburg Fire Equipment DJP

    Alarm & Access Control for City of Lynchburg Buildings

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    Templeton-Vest DJP

    Underground Facilities Locating & Marking Services

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    High Tech Locating, Inc. DJP
    14-873 Custodial Services for the City of Lynchburg Public Library M & R Services Incororated DJP
    14-891 Pre-Qualification of Water Resources Engineering Design Firms Multiple SBS
    14-896 Heritage High School Barton Mallow Company SBS
    14-899 Roof Replacement for Four (4) Lynchburg City Schools
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    AAR of NC
    Mountain Roofing
    Woodall & Lang
    Puff Inc.
    14-919 33,000# GVWR Cab & Chassis, Utility Body, Air Compressor and Liftgate
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    Powell's Truck & Equipment, Inc. FHR
    14-910 Fairview Community Center Fencing Replacement

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    Garber-Lowe Fence DJP
    15-927 Automotive Oil Change/Lubrication/Safety Check Services Jiffy Lube Inc FHR
    15-930 Lynchburg City Schools Administration Building Reroof Project Roofing Solutions Incorporated DJP
    14-871 Rebid Taylor Street Water Quality Plan Improvements Pearson Construction Incorporated DJP
    15-936 Roof Replacement at Point of Honor, The Lynchburg Museum System The Century Slate Company DJP
    15-938 Leaf Collection Equipment
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    (ODB) Old Dominion Brush Company, Inc. FHR
    15-939 7-Passenger Mini Van and    12-Passenger Vans
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    Dominion of Bedford Highview Motors Inc
    15-957 Four Wheel Drive Tractor/100 HP Backhoe-Loader


    Carter Machinery Co. Inc. FHR
    15-949 Automobile/Truck Body Repair Services Maaco Collision Repairs FHR
    15-959 Municipal Paving Contract - 2015 Spring
    Adams Construction Co. FHR
    15-955 E C Glass Roof Replacement AAR of North Carolina DJP
    15-961 GLTC Operations & Maintenance Facility MB Contractors SBS
    2015-966 Landscaping & Mowing Services for Various Department of Water Resources Locations


    Valley Landscaping, Inc. DJP
    15-965 2015 Municipal Construction Contract Section I: Boxley Asphalt

    Section II: J. L. Crawford & Sons

    15-958 Construction Management Services for City Football Stadium Jamerson-Lewis Construction SBS
    2015-968 Dunbar Middle School Roof Replacement W A Lynch Roofing Co. DJP
    15-962 Federal Government Relations Alcalde & Fay SBS
    15-948 Wastewater Treatment Plant Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction Improvements Greeley and Hansen SBS
    2015-975 E C Glass Roof Phase 3 AAR of North Carolina DJP
    2015-977 Yard/Wood Waste Grinding Services

    Bid Tabulations

    Royal Oak Farm, LLC FHR
    Mounted 9 Foot Dump Body, Central Hydraulic System, Chemical Spreader, 9 Foot Snow Plow
    No Award FHR
    2015-980 2015 Summer Paving LCS Boxley Asphalt, LLC LKM
    2015-976 Turnkey Parts Operation - Fleet (Parts Procurement & Parts Room Management) Sonny Merryman, Inc  FHR
    2015-979 Rebid Mounted 9 Foot Dump Body, Central Hydraulic System, Chemical Spreader, 9 Foot  PlowSnow


    Wilbar Truck Equipment, Inc FHR
    2015-973 HVAC Maintenance for City of Lynchburg Buildings

    Bid Tab

    Riddleberger Brothers Inc. and Moore's Electrical & Mechanical DJP
    2015-978 Interior Renovations and Generator Upgrades to Miller Park Fire Station #6

    Final Bid Tabulation

    Robertson Construction LKM


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