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    The following is a statement from Lynchburg City Manager Bonnie Svrcek regarding an ongoing investigation involving the misappropriation of City funds. Due to the nature of the ongoing investigation and the filing of criminal charges, no additional statements will be issued by the City Manager’s Office or the Fire Department regarding this issue.

    Beginning on Monday, July 31 until Thursday, August 3, Parking Lot M, located off Jefferson Street will be closed for repairs. Crews will be working to cut out and patch multiple potholes and damaged areas in the driving surface of the lot.

    This is a follow-up to the July 7, 2017, press release regarding water main valve maintenance.

    View the July edition and past issues of the City Source. (PDF)

    The Lynchburg Fire and Police Departments issued a strong warning today stating that there have been multiple deaths in the Lynchburg area in recent days that may have been caused by heroin laced with the drug carfentanil.