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    Water Main Valve Maintenance Schedule Update (Oct. 11-20)

    This is an update of the September 25, 2017 press release regarding water main valve maintenance.

    Beginning Wednesday, October 11, and continuing through Friday, October 20, 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. weekdays, crews from the City of Lynchburg’s Department of Water Resources will conduct water main valve maintenance at the following locations:

    Boonsboro Road
    Burnt Bridge Road
    Dogwood Lane
    Fieldale Road
    Inglewood Road
    Lexington Drive
    Locksview Road
    Longwood Road
    Mountain Laurel Drive
    Nichols Tavern Drive
    Norvell House Court
    Oak Park Place
    Old Forest Road
    Regency Woods Place
    Royal Oak Drive
    Running Cedar Way
    Sanders Lane

    Customers who experience discolored water during this time should run the cold water for three to five minutes to let the water clear up.  Do not run hot water.  If the water remains discolored longer than five minutes, please contact the Department of Water Resources.

    For more information call the Department of Water Resources at (434) 455-4250.