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    Public Works Dept. Preparing for Snowstorm

    According to Lynchburg’s Deputy Public Works Director, Clay Simmons, crews are preparing for whatever Mother Nature brings this weekend. Crews are currently switching out leaf collection equipment for snow removal plows, and all equipment is expected to be ready by the end of today, Friday, December 7. All leaf collection has been suspended until snow removal is complete. 
    Depending on the start time and intensity of the storm predicted, multiple 12-hour shifts will be on duty over the weekend.  Crews expect to apply brine to the primary streets and bridges beginning Saturday, December 8 in advance of the storm.
    City residents should be aware that primary and secondary roads will be the priority, and residential streets will only be addressed after primary and secondary roads are cleared.  Additionally, residential streets will only be plowed if more than two inches of snow accumulate on area roadways. 
    Residents are encouraged to park off-street if possible to make it easier for snowplow drivers to clear streets.  In downtown Lynchburg, residents are reminded not to park on the street if possible. With the timing and intensity of the storm being in question, downtown residents are encouraged to plan to park in one of the City-owned parking decks on Saturday and Sunday. If the storm duration and intensity warrant it, the City will consider extending free parking in the decks to facilitate clearing of downtown streets.
    Motorists are encouraged to stay off the streets if possible, especially during the heaviest snowfall.