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    Portion of Parking Lot H Closed

    Effective TODAY, January 12, a portion of Lot H Parking Deck (located in front of the Lynchburg Community Market) will be closed until further notice.  The portion of the lot affected by the closure is the area located closest to the City Market Lofts building.   
    The partial closure was made necessary when a small piece of concrete fell into the subterranean void below creating a hole in the parking deck. No one was injured, and the portion of the lot was closed to ensure public safety.
    The Community Market Parking Deck Replacement Project is scheduled to begin by the end of January 2017.  The Lot H Parking Lot, more commonly known as the Lynchburg Community Market Parking Lot, was built by the City of Lynchburg in the early 1930’s and currently rests atop a subterranean void. Over the years, the structure has gone through various evaluations resulting in several structural repairs. The City of Lynchburg has continued to closely monitor the structure to ensure safe use of the facility due to concern about the ongoing deterioration and a design that only allowed for a three-ton weight limit. The most recent structure evaluation advised the City that drastic repairs would need to be made for the “Parking Deck” to remain functional. 
    In its current state, the subterranean void has been unusable for decades due to the changes in building codes, health and safety standards. While the evaluation investigated the possibility of an overhaul of the void, the study showed that the deck’s concrete and supporting elements are so severely deteriorated that making repairs would not be economically feasible.  
    Once work begins on the Community Market Parking Deck Replacement Project, public closure will expand to the entire larger lot. It is estimated that it will take approximately 180 days to fill in the subterranean void, demolish the deck, rebuild the parking lot and complete the landscaping.
    The Community Market will remain open for business throughout the length of the project.  The smaller lot, located near the corner of 12th and Main Streets will also remain open. This will be the only entrance and exit for vehicular traffic at the Market.  While this small lot will provide a limited amount of parking, patrons are encouraged to take advantage of on-street parking or public parking in Lot E, located at Main and Commerce Streets. 
    A volunteer courier service organized by Lynchburg Parks & Recreation will also be available on Saturdays to assist patrons with parking challenges through the duration of the construction project.
     The City apologizes for any inconvenience.