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    City Reaches Agreement with Amazement Square

    During its November 14 Work Session, Lynchburg City Council authorized City staff to seek terms for acquiring real estate (the Rotary Centennial Riverfront Skatepark) from Amazement Square (ASI). Staff negotiated with Amazement Square and reported the outcomes to City Council during its closed session on December 12. City Council members have reached consensus on the following:

    • The Amazement Square Board and organization will be held harmless regarding any potential legal claims for liability resulting from accidents after the City assumes ownership of the Skatepark. 

    • Amazement Square will relinquish ownership of the Skatepark, including the concrete pad and the skate bowl to the City of Lynchburg.

    • All utilities (electric, water/sewer) will be transferred to the City once it assumes ownership of the Skatepark. 

    • ASI will retain ownership and responsibility of the property that includes the railcar and signal tower. Appropriate easements, exact property dimensions (a survey is underway), and other considerations are to be determined by both parties as part of the overall transaction.

    According to Dr. Mort Sajadian, President and CEO of Amazement Square, the signal tower is presently used as an exhibit storage facility. “Our plans, as part of the second phase of our Education Center, are for this building to be converted into a hands-on learning exhibit space with a railroad and Lynchburg focus,” said Sajadian. “The rail car will also have a railroad theme and will serve as a café for museum visitors and trail users on the weekends. These spaces will add to the museum’s programmatic offerings, riverfront enhancement and community benefit.”

    “I am happy that the City of Lynchburg and Amazement Square could come to equitable terms,” said Mayor Joan Foster. “Amazement Square is a wonderful partner and an integral part in our ongoing efforts to revitalize Downtown Lynchburg. The transfer of the deed of the Skatepark back under City ownership is a win for everyone, especially for Skatepark enthusiasts who will soon have somewhere to do what they love.”

    The Skatepark will be operated by the City of Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department and will open in early 2018.