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    The Wellness Champions are a diverse group of City employees who all share a passion in improving the wellness of ourselves and our coworkers. Check out everything you need to know about becoming a member, what the expectations of members are, and who our members are below.

    Joining Wellness Champions

    The Wellness Champions are always looking for new members! If you have a passion for wellness and would like to help your fellow coworkers please feel free to reach out and get in touch. Email us (wellnesschampions@lynchburgva.gov) or reach out to one of the current members listed below.

    Member Responsibilities

    Members of the Wellness Committee .....

    Current Members

    James Lowe Jennifer Bolling Heather Brown
    Katharina Fritzler Catherine Henry Terry Hutchens
    Michelle Jackson Krista Johnson Krista Talmage
    Lakrisha Young Vanessa Closs LuAnn Hunt
    Sceauncia Parr Shaun Conway  


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    Email us wellnesschampions@lynchburgva.gov if you have any questions or would like to join!