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    Members - Education Task Force


    Dr. Michael Gillette Steering Committee Chair mgillette@bsvinc.com
    Ms. Gloria Preston Steering Committee Vice Chair prestongc205@gmail.com
    Mr. Randy Nelson City Councilmember randy.nelson@lynchburgva.gov
    Mr. Beau Wright City Councilmember beau.wright@lynchburgva.gov
    Ms. Susan Morrison  City School Board Member morrisonsd@lcsedu.net
    Dr. Atul Gupta City School Board Member guptaa@lcsedu.net
    Dr. Reid Wodicka  Deputy City Manager, City Staff Liason reid.wodicka@lynchburgva.gov
    Ms. Alicia Campbell Administrative Support alicia.campbell@lynchburgva.gov


    Roger Jones University of Lynchburg jonesre66@gmail.com
    Charlie White Former School Board Chair cwhiteLCSTaskForce@gmail.com
    Owen Cardwell University of Lynchburg cardwell_oc@lynchburg.edu
    Julie Doyle Former School Board Chair jdoyle0463@gmail.com
    Pat Price Former University of Lynchburg ppriceLCSTaskForce@gmail.com
    Joe Tucker Lynchburg Police Department joseph.tucker@lynchburgva.gov
    Rachel Gagen Pediatrician fortun8@comcast.net 
    Steve Smith Central VA Governor’s School ssmithLCSTaskForce@gmail.com
    Elise Spontarelli Vector Space elise@vector-space.org