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    Legacy Paid Time Off

    Full-Time employees have three separate banks of Paid Time Off: Full-Time employees earn Annual Leave, Sick Leave and Personal Leave as follows:

    Annual Leave

    Annual leave is paid time off from work for vacation, recreation or other personal purposes. Full-Time employees initally earn 8 hours each month.

    Months of Service

    Annual Leave Hours Accrued Per Month

    Annual Hours

    0 - 60



    61 - 120



    121 - 180



    181 - 240



    241 +



    Sick Leave

    Sick leave is paid time off that may be used to cover absences due to an employee's medical and dental appointments, incapacity due to illness or injury and the illness or injury of an employee's dependent family member that requires the employee's presence. Employees earn 8 hours per month up to a maximum of 960 hours, 1344 hours for Fire/EMS personnel assigned to 24-hour shifts.

    Personal Leave
    Personal leave is paid time off to be used for personal purposes. Full-time employees are awarded 8 hours of personal leave upon hire (if hired before November 1) and 16 hours per calendar year thereafter on January 1st.
    Other Absences with Pay
    Holiday Leave
    Holiday leave is paid time off in observance of 10 City designated holidays. Eligibility: Full-time employees who actually work, or are in an approved leave status, the working day before and after the holiday are paid for the holiday.
    Leave Donation Program
    Leave donation is a way for employees to help their fellow employee and give themselves an "insurance policy" against unavoidable and unpredictable absences.
    Funeral Leave
    Funeral leave is paid time off to be used upon the death of an employee's immediate family member for the purpose of attending services, handling the affairs of the deceased or similar needs. Up to 40 hours of paid leave may be available based on the circumstances.
    Court Service
    Court service leave is available to employees required to perform jury duty or are subpoenaed to appear in court outstide regular duties. Eligibility: Employees who are required to perform jury duty or are subpoenaed to appear in court outside regular tour of duty. Department Directors, in conjunction with HR, will determine the applicability of the use of court service leave.
    Military Leave
    Military leave is available to employees who also serve as members of the armed forces including National Guard or reserve members. Employees receive 15 days of paid leave per year (October 1 - September 30).
    Injury Leave
    Injury leave is available to any employee who sustains an on-the-job injury or illness for up to 7 days of absence when incapacitated due to such injury or illness. Extended absence due to on-the-job injury or illness is generally covered under the Workers' Compensation provisions of this policy after 7 days. Refer to Chapter 4, "Benefits", Workers' Compensation of the Employment Policies & Procedures Manual for more information.
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