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    Neighborhoods and Housing

    Housing Results and Strategies

    Excerpted from the City of Lynchburg Comprehensive Plan

    As the housing market in Lynchburg and the region changes over the next twenty years, so must residential development standards. The City's zoning and subdivision ordinances must adapt to meet new housing trends and demands while protecting the fabric of the City’s neighborhoods.

    A primary goal of the Plan is to improve the livability of the City’s neighborhoods through conservation, stabilization, and revitalization. The Citizens of Lynchburg are proud of their neighborhoods and feel their homes are a good value and well built. Many of the City’s neighborhoods are home to people who also work in the City, serve on neighborhood committees, and participate in community activities. According to the City’s Neighborhood Map, developed in 1993, there are over 40 distinct neighborhoods throughout the City, including traditional neighborhoods and more conventional subdivisions. Residents continue to invest time and energy in improving their neighborhoods and homes. The goals, objectives, and strategies of this element support those efforts and are intended to improve the livability of the City’s neighborhoods.

    Housing Goals

    Excerpted from the Consolidated Plan

    • Increase the number of owner occupied units
    • Rehabilitate substandard housing units. Emphasis is to be placed on programs that require an investment of funds and/or labor on the part of the owner commensurate with the owner's resources.
    • Support initiatives to increase permanent affordable rental and housing ownership opportunities.
    • Support programs that assist individuals in retaining their homes in challenging economic times.

    Community Conversation

    The City of Lynchburg has begun the process of conducting a "Conversation on Housing." On October 11, City staff sponsored a meeting with Lynchburg Housing Partners. Each of the partners provided information concerning their organizations and the unique services they provide. The Housing Partners include:

    • Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity (GLHFH)
    • Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority (LRHA)
    • Lynchburg Community Action Group (Lyn-CAG)
    • Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship (LCF)
    • Lynchburg Neighborhood Development Foundation (LNDF)
    • Lynchburg Community Loan Fund (LCLF)
    • Rebuilding Together Lynchburg (RTL)
    • Rush Lifetime Homes (RLH)
    • Community Housing Partners (CHP)

    The meeting included an overview of the Housing Assessment that was conducted by the organization, HOME (Housing Opportunities Made Equal).  The Housing Assessment reveals several trends concerning socio-economic and demographic trends, housing characteristics, subsidized housing, and a housing market analysis.

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