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    Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)


    Protects and preserves the historic areas of the City; reviews requests for erection, reconstruction, alteration or demolition affecting any structure on the Historic Buildings Map or in a Historic District. 


    3rd Monday monthly
    3:45 p.m. 
    City Hall 2nd Floor Training Room
    900 Church Street


    NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  Seven (7) - one (1) architect or an architectural historian; one (1) owner/resident of property in a historic district that is defined as a neighborhood but excludes single-structure districts; two (2) meeting the Professional Standards Qualifications used by the National Park Service and published in the Code of Federal Regulations, 36 CFR Part 61.  No more than one appointee shall be engaged in buying and selling of or investment in real estate. All members shall have a demonstrated interest, competence and knowledge in historic preservation.

    Michael J. Erquiaga
    Ward 2
    Advocate for Garland Hill
    Richard C. Morris
    Architect - Ward 2
    Advocate for Middle Rivermont and Daniel's Hill
    Emmett Lifsey
    Architect - Ward 1
    Advocate for Upper Rivermont
    Shanda Horner
    Ward 2
    Advocate for Lower Rivermont
    Mark C. Little
    Ward 1
    Advocate for Courthouse Hill and Diamond Hill
    Shaun Spencer-Hester
    Ward 2
    Museum Curator/Executive Director
    Christopher McSwain, Vice Chair 
    Hotel manager - demonstrated interest
    Advocate for Diamond Hill
    As of  10/26/18

    Historic Preservation Commission Roster (pending update)

    Liaison: Anne Nygaard 

    Community Development Department Director: Kent White

    Reference: Ordinance #O-86-130 adopted 6-10-86
                        City Code Sections 35.2-58 and 35.2-100.9 

    June appointment