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    GIS Data Sharing and Distribution Policy

    City of Lynchburg, Virginia

    Statement of Principles:

    The City of Lynchburg recognizes that sharing of geographic information can result in considerable savings for local governments by minimizing duplication of effort in digital data creation and data maintenance procedures.

    The City of Lynchburg acquires, develops, maintains, and uses GIS data in support of its internal business functions and in the services it provides to the public.  The GIS data which the City of Lynchburg distributes and to which it provides access may not be suitable for all purposes or uses.  GIS data sets are provided with no warranty.

    The City’s GIS data was obtained from sources the City believes to be reliable.  However, because of the possibility of human or mechanical error the City cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data and does not assume any responsibility for its uses

    Data Disclaimer:

    The City of Lynchburg’s data carries the following disclaimer regardless of the format in which the data is obtained.

    Data contained on this web page/web site is Copyright © City of Lynchburg, Virginia. The GIS data are proprietary to the City, and title to this information remains in the City. All applicable common law and statutory rights in the GIS data including, but not limited to, rights in copyright, shall and will remain the property of the City.

    Information shown on these maps are derived from public records that are constantly undergoing change and do not replace a site survey, and is not warranted for content or accuracy. The City does not guarantee the positional or thematic accuracy of the GIS data. The GIS data or cartographic digital files are not a legal representation of any of the features in which it depicts, and disclaims any assumption of the legal status of which it represents. Any implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, shall be expressly excluded.

    By checking the box on the on-line GIS application or by obtaining data from our download site or .pdf maps from our map gallery you are accepting the terms of the disclaimer.

    The data disclaimer is in place to safeguard the interests of the City of Lynchburg and ensure the integrity of data.  

    All custom maps in printed or digital form will carry the same disclaimer.  By accepting the map you are accepting the disclaimer.

    All digital data provided by the city carries the disclaimer. By accepting the data you are accepting the disclaimer

    Online GIS Application:

    The city makes available for viewing many of its GIS data layers via our online GIS Application.

    GIS data layers and associated data can be viewed and queried. The spatial data can be exported as a map, while tabular information can be exported and saved or printed

    GIS ParcelViewer

    Standard Map Products:

    The City has many of its standard maps products available online inside our Map Gallery. These maps can be downloaded in .pdf format.

    The Map Gallery items are also available in hard copy format. Printed map pricing varies depending on size, media type, and ink coverage.  Printed map pricing information is available under the thumbnails shown on the Map Gallery page

    Visit our Map Galley

    Custom Map Products:

    The City of Lynchburg creates custom GIS map products as a component of the services it provides to its customers.  An example of this type of map product could be a map showing flood zones and the related parcels, or an orthophoto overlaid with parcel boundaries and contours.

    Please note:  Custom maps depicting large areas of the water distribution system must be approved by our Department of Utilities.

    Custom Map Product Pricing:

    Pricing for customized maps is $30.00 per hour for the employees’ time plus the cost of printing the map. If a custom map is requested in a digital format to be posted to an FTP site, or if size will allow e-mailed, then the client will only be charged for the time

    Maps requested on CD/DVD will carry an extra charge of $1.00 for the media.

    Please see the Custom Map Request section on our website for more details.

    Custom Maps

    Digital Data Downloads:

    If accessing the City's GIS information and map products from the on-line GIS and Website does not meet your needs, many of our data layers are available for free download from our website in .dwg , ESRI shapefile or ESRI file geodatabase format. 

    The area covered by the downloadable GIS data is the entire area within the city limits.

    The digital data carries the same disclaimer as our paper maps and on-line GIS application. By entering the site and downloading data you are agreeing to the terms of the disclaimer. 

    Please visit here for the City of Lynchburg’s GIS Division data downloads:

    GIS Data Download Page

    *Please note: Not all of the City of Lynchburg’s GIS data layers are available for free download

    City of Lynchburg water, storm and sanitary data is not available on-line or for free download.  Please contact the Department of Water Resources for inquiries about the availability of this data.


    With the exception of Utility data, If our data downloads do not meet your needs please contact GIS@Lynchburgva.gov or call 434.455.3940 to discuss custom areas or other requirements.

    Custom data request pricing will be determined through a mutual agreement between the city and the requesting party.  A charge of $30.00 per 1 hour for City of Lynchburg employee time will be included in the price.

    The City follows the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) prices and policies for VBMP digital data products. These policies can be viewed here:

    Contractor’s Agreement for Government Users

    VBMP Products Use and Restrictions June 2010

    Payment for custom digital data or map products:

    Custom data, custom maps or printed maps, city orthophotography, and other VBMP data must be paid for before or at the time of delivery unless other special arrangements have been agreed upon by both parties.

    The City accepts cash and checks for custom digital data, VBMP products or printed maps 

    Checks should be made out to: The City of Lynchburg.   A receipt will be made for all transactions.

    Custom maps can be turned into a .pdf and posted to an ftp site.  If this option is chosen then the customer will not be charged a printing fee, but will still be charged for the time involved in the creation of the map.

    Delivery of maps and Data:

    Custom digital data can be burned to a CD or DVD or it can be posted to an ftp site. Payment must be received by the city before the data is posted unless other arrangements have been made between the city and the requestor.  Digital data or maps that are burned to CD or DVD will carry an extra $1.00 charge for the media.

    DVD’s and CD’s can be picked up in person or can be mailed to the recipient.

    If large quantities of orthophotography are purchased the customer may be required to provide an external storage device or other media for transferring the images.

    Any costs associated with transferring the external storage device from client to the City and back again will be borne by the client.

    If maps and data are transferred electronically city employee time spent on creating customized maps or data requests will still be charged at the rate of $30.00 per hour.

    Delivery time for custom data and maps:

    Custom data and map requests will be completed on a first requested / first delivered basis.  Delivery time for custom map requests will vary depending on the complexity of the analysis or the data used to create the map.  Most custom data requests can usually be filled within 5 working days. 

    The City of Lynchburg’s internal priorities may supersede external requests. Staff will make the best effort possible to fulfill your request in a timely fashion however no guaranteed delivery dates or times are possible.

    State of Virginia data:

    The City of Lynchburg works with The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) and the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) and can provide VGIN / Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) products for the state approved pricing. Please see above under Digital Data Downloads for more information.

    VGIN Products available include:

    • 2011, 6” resolution Orthophotography

    • 2011 DTM

    Requestors can also contact VITA/VGIN to purchase VGIN products.

    VITA Integrated Services Program

    Publicly Held Confidential Information:

    By law, the City of Lynchburg cannot provide access to or distribute some types of information contained within its GIS data.  This data will be identified by City of Lynchburg staff and removed from the data before it is distributed. 

    For homeland security reasons, there are restrictions placed on the availability of the water distribution system GIS data sets within the City of Lynchburg. Requests for large sections of GIS data containing this system will be subject to approval by the city’s Department of Utilities before it will be released.

    Data for City Projects:

    If the requestor is under contract with the City of Lynchburg all available GIS data which is pertinent to the particular project area may be supplied to the contractor, including VGIN Orthophotography and Lynchburg water system data when necessary.

    Terms of use and Disclaimer for Water System or VGIN Data:

    To obtain Custom, VGIN or Utility data the requestor must sign a digital or hard copy of our standard data disclaimer. This disclaimer will also list current State restrictions on state data if applicable.

    Custom  data, VGIN data and utility data, obtained from the City for a city project shall be solely used for the purpose stated in the data disclaimer / terms of use form,  and may not be sold, provided to other parties, or used in any way beyond the scope of the project for which it was provided.  In addition, the acquiring organization shall be responsible for safeguarding the data from unauthorized access or use.


    The acquiring organization shall always cite the original data source and assumes all responsibilities as to the use, analysis and interpretation of the data being requested as stated in the data disclaimer

    The consumer is responsible for performing all conversions, digitizing, spatial analysis, and graphic representation operations on the data acquired from the City of Lynchburg.

    Once data has been provided, the city of Lynchburg cannot vouch for any analysis performed on the data, or for the quality of the data.

    The GIS may contain data and information that has copyright protection and cannot be reproduced or used without the consent of the copyright owner.  It is the requestor’s responsibility to adhere to any and all copyright restrictions that apply to the data and information displayed upon or accessed through the GIS system or obtained through a data request.  

    Data released as part of an RFP:

    Sometimes a representative sample of GIS water system data will be provided as a part of an RFP.  In these cases each requesting party will receive an identical copy of the data.  The Data Disclaimer must be agreed to before sample data is released

    Non-City of Lynchburg GIS Data:

    The City of Lynchburg will not provide any digital GIS data that is owned by other sources.  We will refer all inquires for non-City data to the data owner or source.

    The individual localities, the Region 2000 Planning District Commission, or VGIN must be contacted to obtain GIS data or other information in the counties surrounding Lynchburg.

    Technical Specifications:

    City of Lynchburg uses the ESRI ArcGIS product family.  The City's standard geospatial coordinate system is 4502 Virginia South, Stateplane, North American Datum of 1983.  Horizontal measurement units are in feet. 

    Exported GIS and CAD data file formats for free download may include following:

    • ESRI ArcView Shapefile (*.SHP, *.SHX, *.DBF, etc)

    • AutoCad .dwg file

    • ESRI File Geodatabase


    The city of Lynchburg has acquired orthophotography spanning several years;

    1997, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2011.

    Orthophotography images file formats may include the following:

    Image Format files (*.JPG, *.TIF, *MrSid)

    Imagery is only available in individual images corresponding to the Lynchburg tile grid for 1997, 2001, 2003 and 2006 and to the State tile grid for 2002, 2007 and 2011

    State Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) Imagery is available for 2002, 2007 and 2011.

    Click here for maps showing tile grids for all available imagery

    DTM data:

    VBMP DTM data is available for purchase in sections corresponding to the 2011 state tile grid layout in a .dgn format or in a Geodatabase format citywide.

    Contact Information:

    To order custom GIS or map products, or for general questions about our GIS please contact:


    Or call: 434.455.3940

    A written request can be mailed to:

    GIS Manager

    City of Lynchburg

    900 Church Street

    Lynchburg, Virginia  24504 

    or faxed to: 434.847.1436