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    GIS Data Downloads - Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to our FAQ page. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you need or if your question isn't listed below, please contact the City of Lynchburg GIS Team.

    What Coordinate System and Projection Does the City Use?

    GIS data within the City of Lynchburg uses the following coordinate system and projection.  

    Coordinate System State Plane


    Virginia South
    Datum NAD 83
    Linear Unit Feet

    Lambert Conformal Conic

    ESRI Name


    How Often is the Data Updated?

    The data available for download is updated on an "as needed" basis depending on the frequency of edits to our database. Many of feature classes in our internal database are static while others are updated on a daily basis. For this reason, the update frequency of data available for download is unique for each data group. Please visit the About our Data section of our website for more information about the data we make available. Or go directly to our Available Data document. This document provides more information on the update schedules for each of our available feature classes.

    Are There Any Limitations On How I Can Use The Data?

    Yes. It is strongly recommended that you download and read our Data Sharing Policy prior to downloading or using any of the GIS data. We also strongly recommend that you contact a GIS professional at the City of Lynchburg if you plan on using our data for analysis. We may be able to provide insight into how suitable our data is for your analysis.

    What Formats Are Available? --- Which one should I Download?

    We offer three different formats for download. Two formats, shapefile and file geodatabase, are ESRI formats native to the ArcGIS environment. We also make available the drawing format which is native to the AutoCAD environment.  For more detailed information on the available formats and their limitations, please visit the About our Data section of our website or go directly to our the Available Formats page.

    Why Isn't Utility Data Available For Download?

    Currently we are only permitted to provide Utility data on a request-by-request basis. Since our Data Download Page offers data on a city-wide extent, all requests for Utility related data must be pre-approved and processed by the department of Water Resources.

     Where Can I Find Aerial Imagery?

    Aerial imagery is not available for download. The City of Lynchburg has an extensive library of aerial imagery dating back to 1997! You can view a list of available imagery and examples on our Data Download Portal. Please contact the GIS Team if you are interested.

    Are There Any Additional GIS Resources Available?

    Need additional help? How about data from our surrounding localities? Visit the links the below to assist you with other GIS needs.

    What You'll Find How to Get There

    Bedford County GIS

    Take Me There

    Campbell County GIS

    Take Me There

    Region 2000

    Take Me There

    ESRI Resources

    Take Me There

    AutoCAD Resources

    Take Me There

     Who Should I Contact For More Information?

    GIS data in the City of Lynchburg is updated under a distributed maintenance approach. Many departments/divisions maintain data in the Enterprise GIS specific to their needs. Below you will find contacts for "GIS Owners" in the City of Lynchburg. Please use these contacts only when you have questions specifically related to the data. For questions regarding formats, downloads, or policies, please contact the GIS Division.

    Department/Division Website Phone #
    Planning Division

    Take Me There


    City Assessor

    Take Me There


    Water Resources Department*

    Take Me There


    GIS Division**

    Take Me There

    434-455-3946 or 3940

    * Utilities GIS data is not included in the downloads from the Data Download website. Requests for Utilities GIS data must be pre-approved by the Water Resources Department.

    ** The GIS Division maintains data for Departments without a GIS professional

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