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    Fire Marshal Thomas Mack

    Captain Thomas Mack is the Acting Fire Marshal for the City of Lynchburg. He has been employed at the Lynchburg Fire Department since 1986. Captain Mack earned his degree in Fire Science and has performed emergency medical, fire suppression, and fire prevention duties. He was promoted to Captain and transferred to the Fire Marshal’s Office in March 2008. He is a certified Fire Inspector, Fire Investigator, Law Enforcement Officer, and Fire Official. He holds numerous emergency management certifications and certificates at the local, state, and federal levels. He was appointed as the Acting Fire Marshal in August 2011.
    Captain Mack manages the Lynchburg Fire Marshal’s Office, conducts building inspections, investigates fires, issues a variety of permits, and teaches fire safety at National Business College and at the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy. When he is not working, he enjoys gardening, cooking, raising saltwater fish, and strives not to be the worst golfer in Central Virginia.
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