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    Downtown Parking Facilities

    The City of Lynchburg has an inventory of 1,076 on-street parking spaces including handicapped parking spaces. There are approximately 1,687* off-street parking spaces which are controlled by the City. Approximately 1,075 of these spaces are available to the public (availability subject to market demand). There are an estimated 3,935 privately-owned or controlled parking spaces in the downtown area.

    Parking is enforced as indicated on signs and parking is free on nights (5PM - 8AM), weekends and City holidays (New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day).

    Off-Street Paid and Residential Parking

    Off-street parking is available in the following facilities when visiting downtown for longer than 2 hours or when on-street parking spaces are not available: Mid-Town Parking Deck, the Clay Street Parking Deck, Crossroads Lot, Community Market Lot and City Center Deck.

    Parking is enforced as indicated on signs. Parking is free on nights, weekends (unless otherwise stated by signs)  and City holidays. Residents of the Central Business District can apply for a residential off-street parking permit in the Parking Management office. 

    Off-Street Residential Parking Permit Application

    Central Business District Facility Parking Permit Application

    Parking Rates

    Mid-Town, Clay St Deck, Crossroads Lot City Center Deck
    $0.25 for the 1st hour $1.00/hr.
    $1.00 for each additional hour $1.00 for each additional hour
    $5.00 daily maximum $5.00 daily maximum



    How to Use the Pay Station

    Pay-By-Space - Midtown, Clay St., Crossroads Lot

    1. Remember space number
    2. Press the Start Button
    3. Press "1" for parking
    4. Enter space number
    5. Insert coin or credit card to make payment
    6. If using a credit card select time using +/- keys
    7. Press Print

    Pay-And-Display - City Center Deck

    1. Pay at pay station
    2. Take your printed receipt and lay face up on dashboard 

    If you need assistance, please contact the Parking Management Office at (434) 455-4045

    Pay with Tokens

    Businesses can buy tokens from the Parking Management Office located in City Hall. Tokens cost $0.60 per token, and the first token gives customers an hour and forty-five minutes in the Mid-Town Parking Deck (top level), Clay Street Deck (mid level), and Crossroads Lot.  Please contact us to purchase tokens or if you need more information.  The meter in City Center Deck does not accept tokens.