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    DMV Select

    The Commissioner of the Revenue has contracted with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to provide select DMV transactions in a secure environment.

    You can conduct the following transactions at the Lynchburg DMV Select:

    • Vehicle Titles and Registrations
      Original (with or without liens), substitute and replacement titles and title maintenance (to change information on title records, adding/removing of names). Original registrations, renewals (including fleets), transfers, re-issues, and plate surrenders.
    • License Plates
      Specialized and personalized plate orders, including the issuance of motorcycle, permanent trailer, truck, taxicab and local government use plates.
    • Permits and Placards
      Trip permits and overload permits. Original issue of handicapped parking placards.
    • Transcript Requests
      Driver transcripts and vehicle transcripts (helpful for those who apply for job where a driver’s transcript is needed initially, submitted periodically or checked by their employer).
    • Voter Registration Application

    DMV Selects are not authorized to conduct any Driver's License related transactions. DMV Select service is provided between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  

    The Lynchburg Select only conducts in person transactions.  To reach DMV by phone  804-497-7100.

    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles click here

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