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    Design Review Board


    Reviews and reports to City Council all planned unit developments, cluster commercial developments, and state and federally assisted housing proposals.


    Meets as necessary


    Planning Commission Chair   
    David Perault
    Historic Preservation Commission Chair
    Neil W. Bohnert
    Owner/Resident - Ward 2
    Physical Design Professional
    Thomas L. Fitzgerald, P.E.
    Civil Engineer - Ward 4
    Holly H. Frazier
    Ward 4
    As of 02/04/16

    Liaison - Tom Martin: 434-455-3909

    Community Development Department Director: Kent White

    Membership:  Four (4) members (Chair of the Planning Commission; Chair of the Historic & Architectural Review Board; and two (2) Physical Design Professionals (i.e., architect, engineer, landscape architect, urban design/planning professional or others with demonstrated physical and aesthetic design capability). 

    December appointment

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