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Juvenile Services

    What is CSA?

    The Children's Services Act (CSA) previously Comprehensive Act for At-Risk Youth and Families was enacted by the Virginia Legislature in 1993. The act established a single state pool of funds to purchase services for eligible youth and their families. The state funds, combined with local community funds, are managed by local interagency teams who plan and oversee services to youth.

    Outreach Detention provides specialized support and supervision to youths who have cases pending before the J & D Court. Electronic monitoring may be a part of this service. This program allows youths to remain in their homes rather than secure detention or shelter care placement.

    Outreach Detention
    1517 Jackson Street
    Lynchburg, VA  24504

    The Lynchburg Regional Juvenile Detention Center (LRJDC) is a detention facility with a learning center mentality. The mission of the LRJDC is to provide short-term, temporary care of up to 49 youth awaiting adjudication or disposition by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

    SPARC House provides Shelter Care, long-term residential, and after care services to girls (ages 12-17) who are primarily referred by the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court and/or Social Services agencies in Lynchburg and surrounding counties.  For girls in the full program the average length of stay is 6-9 months, during which time, they are provided with individual and group counseling, as well as family meetings and structured home visits with their guardians.

    Youth and Prevention staff is also involved in school and community based prevention activities and programs. Topics include: health and nutrition classes, anger management, and stress management. Please contact staff if you are interested in staff presenting a class for your group.

    Youth and Prevention Staff assists in the programs below:

    • Real World of Central Virginia
    • Kick it ~ Don't Flick it Campaign
    • Just Say No Day


    Project Double Team Youth Mentoring

    An innovative approach to mentoring and fostering positive relationships for youth in Lynchburg. This program pairs Heritage high school athletes with elementary school students for mentoring and sports practice. Sports included in Double Team are volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

    Hill Climber’s Program

    Opportunity House provides residential and counseling support services for up to 15 at-risk male juveniles.  The program provides crisis stabilization through its shelter care services, as well as, a longer term program for those youths requiring greater structure and supervision than can be provided in their home.  The program moved to 405 Cabell Street in August 2007. In order to accommodate the numbers of youths served, a subsidiary site, Opportunity House II located at 1517 Jackson Street, was opened in September. 

    There are various volunteer opportunities throughout the year at the center.  Volunteers are responsible for the planning, organizing and presenting their live programs. All programs have to receive prior approval, if you are interested in volunteering please contact Pamela Jeffries at 455-7878.