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Juvenile Services

    Please read the information below for answers to many questions.

    If you child has been placed at Lynchburg Youth Group Home, it is important that we meet as soon as possible to complete the intake process.  Ideally, you will come to the facility to not only complete the intake, but also to see where your child is currently living.  If you cannot come to the facility because of health or transportation issues, please call 434-455-4060 and ask to talk with your child’s assigned caseworker who will make alternative arrangements for you to complete the intake.

    The Lynchburg Juvenile Services Complex (LJSC) has a Zero Tolerance Policy for any form of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, or sexual harassment.  It is the policy of the LJSC to ensure that sexual activity between staff and juveniles, volunteers or contract personnel and juveniles, regardless of consensual status, is prohibited and subject to administrative disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.

    The Outreach Detention program provides specialized support and supervision to youth who have cases pending before a Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. This program allows the child to remain in their homes rather than secure detention or shelter care placement.

    In addition to housing youth who are serving short te rm sentences or who are awaiting adjudication or disposition from the Court, the Lynchburg Regional Juvenile Detention Center (LRJDC) also houses participants from several programs governed by The Department of Juvenile Justice.  Please see below for information on each of these programs. 

    The Lynchburg Youth Group Home (LYGH) provides crisis stabilization through its shelter care services as well as a longer term program for those juveniles between the ages of 12-17 that require greater structure and supervision than can be provided in their home. These youth are primarily referred by a Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and/or Social Services in Lynchburg and surrounding counties.

    The LRJDC offers an unpaid intern program designed to provide college students with insight into the Virginia Criminal Justice System through observation and limited practical application. Interns observe and participate in different facets of detainee supervision.  The internship program is designed to provide students at least 18 years old with first-hand experience in the juvenile detention field, and exposure to the criminal justice system.  Students from colleges or universities can request participation at any time.

    It is the policy of the Lynchburg Regional Juvenile Detention Center to allow visits from professionals providing services to our detainees. Please follow the guidelines below: 

    Visitation Hours and Rules