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    Crime Prevention

    The Crime Prevention Unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining programs related to preventing crime, Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, School Resource Officers, and Community Policing are just a few examples of programs that fall under the Crime Prevention umbrella.

    Personnel of the Crime Prevention Unit provide presentations to the community related to reducing crime and making your area a safer place in which to live, as well as conducting security assessments for homes and businesses.

    The unit conducts the annual Citizen’s Police Academy, which provides residents an opportunity to learn more about the operation of the Lynchburg Police Department. The unit also offers a Citizen's Police Seminar which is open to all residents of the City of Lynchburg. The unit partners with Lynchburg's ABC affiliate ABC 13 WSET to provide public safety and crime prevention information in monthly "Safety Zone" segments during their mid-day broadcast.

    In addition, the Crime Prevention Unit accepts and schedules applicants for the Ride-Along program, which allows citizens to accompany an officer on his/her patrol to gain a better understanding of daily police work.

    Neighborhood Watch Program

    In an effort to reduce the recent increase in larcenies from vehicles, the LPD suggests you help prevent this crime by taking the following steps:

    • Never leave valuables or packages visible in your vehicle. Place them in your trunk, or take them home. Even putting them under the front seat is not a safe means of storing them.
    • Keep your vehicle locked at all times, even when parked in your own driveway!
    • Remember, larceny is a crime of opportunity! If you leave your vehicle unlocked, or keep items of value in your car, you increase your risk of becoming a victim of theft. So please lock your vehicles and do not leave items visible inside your vehicle.

     Anyone witnessing suspicious activity of this nature should contact their local law enforcement agency immediately by dialing 911 and for non-emergencies (434) 847-1602.

    Ride Along Requests

    Citizens have the opportunity to ride along with an LPD officer! To participate in the program please fill out a ride along application. The completed form was be returned to the Crime Prevention Unit at least 5 days prior to your requested participation. Please read the application carefully and answer all questions. The risk agreement must be signed and witnessed by LPD personnel. Any False information or omissions on this application may result in disqualification for ride-along privileges. The Lynchburg Police Department reserves the right to deny ride-along privileges for any reason, without prior notice. You may only request a ride along once every 6 months. Return your application to the Crime Prevention Unit (805 Court Street) in person. The back portion of the application must be witnessed by an LPD employee.

    Ride Along Application

    Business Watch

    The Lynchburg Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit started the Business Watch program in an effort to help reduce business related crime and to help provide educational programs and security assessments to all businesses located in Lynchburg, Virginia.
    The goal of the Lynchburg Business Watch is to create a safer environment for business, employees and consumers, while promoting crime prevention strategies.  
    The LPD Crime Prevention Specialist, upon request, will conduct a free security assessment of your property to help identify vulnerabilities in your physical security, and offer suggestions to improve workplace safety policies and procedures.

    We also  training to Lynchburg businesses on various business related topics such as Workplace Violence Prevention, Identity Theft Prevention, Loss Prevention for Retail Business, and Fraud Prevention.  Additional topics include Shoplifting Prevention, Robbery Prevention,  Gang Awareness, and Personal Safety.  

    Additionally, the LPD started a Loss Prevention Task Force in November of 2011 that meets to discuss current problems and trends, share information, and increase awareness among the retailers of crime in our area.   This group has proven to be very helpful in increasing awareness among the retailers about shoplifting and in improving communication between the stores and the police department.  The loss prevention staff and store managers have appreciated the opportunity to meet and discuss the problems, identify suspects, and work collaboratively to prosecute offenders. The group has now expanded to include law enforcement from Amherst, Bedford and Campbell counties.

    Any retail store or manufacturing loss prevention staff or managers are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.  The group meets on the last Friday of each month at 11:00 AM at various locations.  If you would like additional information, please contact Cindy Kozerow at 434-455-6145.

    Business Watch Brochure

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