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    Community Action Team

    Community Action Team - (434) 455-6144 or (434) 455-6173
    Sgt. Jeff Rater - (434) 473-4542
    Officer Lee Hughes - (434) 942-4283
    Officer John Pavia - (434) 942-3602
    Cindy Kozerow - (434) 455-6145
    Steven Wood - (434) 455-6158

    What is the Community Action Team?
    The CAT Team is designed to facilitate Community Building / and Community Policing initiatives. The team will work closely with Community Leaders such as Pastors, Neighborhood Watch Members, Business Leaders, Other Officers, and Agencies to address community concerns.

    What can you do to help?
    Get to know the Officers on the Community Action Team. Call on them when you have something you would like to discuss. Partner with them to find solutions to problems in your community.


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