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    City Council's Policy Governance & Leadership Role

    The City of Lynchburg, Virginia, is a progressive community shaped by its City Council’s Vision.  In 2006, the Lynchburg City Council developed a vision for the year 2020. The Vision guides Council with a shared picture of the desired future for the City and enables decision-making that insures a positive future, versus a focus on current realities and crises. In 2008, the City Council developed and adopted Rules of Procedure to define how Council will conduct business.

    The Lynchburg City Council refocuses its priorities every two years to insure that it reflects the needs of the community and the collective leadership agenda of the membership. The Council holds an annual planning session to identify priorities that are most important in achieving the long-term vision. The City Council identifies priorities that will achieve incremental progress toward its vision for the community. The Council uses data collected from the National Citizens Survey© as well as other tools in determining priorities.

    Lynchburg's City Council Vision

    We will work to ensure an environment in which all of the residents of Lynchburg are free to pursue their dreams, hopes, and aspirations through our understanding and commitment to meet the public’s needs in the areas of:

    Community Character

    The character of our City is defined by the values and behaviors of its residents and its natural and built environments. We are a beautiful, safe and comfortable community with hospitable, friendly, and caring citizens who are free to pursue their values of faith and family according to their individual preferences.

    Economic Prosperity

    Our City will maintain a vibrant, industrious community that will expand economic opportunities for our citizens. We embrace policies that will enhance economic prosperity with the support of a strong Industrial Development Authority, emphasis on education, workforce development, and a continued commitment to business-friendly initiatives.

    Good Government

    City government will deliver, in an equitable manner, public services through the effective and efficient stewardship of resources.

    Multicultural Vibrancy

    Lynchburg acknowledges and values its rich cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious diversity while promoting a respectful and cohesive community.

    A Compelling Destination

    The City is a regional draw for entertainment, shopping and business. Our unique historic heritage and tourism attractions draw a national audience. With its breadth of recreational experiences, centers of interactive living history, and opportunities for educational excellence, our City appeals to all generations.

    Adopted: November 14, 2006
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