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    Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association

    Mission Statement:

    The Lynchburg Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association, an organization of Citizen Police Academy graduates dedicated to supporting the Lynchburg Police Department in building safer, community oriented neighborhoods in which people can work, play, and raise their families, by providing:

    • Interested citizens an opportunity to volunteer time and talent to the LPD.
    • Support to the concept of Community Policing by assisting the Department in bringing educational opportunities to citizens.
    • LPD citizen support in developing new community programs and providing, as needed, assistance in meeting established goals and purposes of existing programs.
    • Assistance whenever possible in making the Lynchburg Citizen's Police Academy successful.


    Membership of the LCPAAA is open to graduates of the Lynchburg Citizen's Police Academy who wish to volunteer to support the purpose of the organization. Members must submit a completed application to the coordinator prior to attending a meeting.


    Meetings are held the third Tuesday of August, November, February, and May. They will be held at 7:00PM at the LPD's West Building at 805 Court Street.

    Next Meeting: TBA