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    Choose Your Cart

    Choosing your trash cart is easy! If your home does not have a cart already, just call Citizens First at (434) 856-2489 and order your cart. We'll even deliver it to your house! You can also switch the size of your cart for free; however, the decal price will change. And, if you need an extra cart, you can purchase a new 32-gal. cart for $37.50 (used 32-gal. available for $20) or a 64-gal. for $47. The cart you purchase is yours, however, the free cart provided to that address must stay with the property if you move.

    Just as a reminder...

    • Place the correct decal on your cart.
    • A 32-gal. cart requires a $40 decal.
    • A 64-gal. cart requires an $80 decal.
    • If your current cart is not the best size for your household, please call Citizens First at 856-2489 to switch sizes.
    • To purchase an additional cart, please visit Billings & Collections in City Hall, 900 Church Street or you may send a check written to The City of Lynchburg to Billings & Collections, 900 Church Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504. The 32-gal. cart is $37.50 and the 64-gal. cart is $47.
    • Trash bags that do not fit in your trash cart should be placed beside the trash cart in a blue pre-paid bag.
    • Remember you can save money by recycling!