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    Chapter 2. General Provisions


    Sec. 2. Exemption from county taxes and county jury service.
    The City of Lynchburg and its inhabitants shall be exempt from all assessments for levies in the way of taxes imposed by the authorities of Bedford, Campbell or Amherst Counties for any purpose whatever, except upon property in the said counties owned by the inhabitants of said city, nor shall said inhabitants be liable to serve upon juries in said counties.
    Sec. 3. Persons holding under previous Charter offices provided for in this Charter.
    Unless otherwise specifically provided, the persons holding any of the offices provided for in this Charter, which offices have existed under the Charter heretofore in force, shall continue to hold the same under their previous election or appointment until the term of such office as herein provided shall expire, dating the commencement of such term from the time fixed in said former Charter.