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    Cable Television Franchises

    General Information

    Every cable television service (CATV) provider that has facilities in the public right-of-way is required to have a franchise in order to provide service in the City of Lynchburg. The Information Technology Department is responsible for overseeing these franchises.

    CATV franchises are very limited in scope. The regulation that a city may impose through a franchise is governed by federal law and overseen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Generally speaking, the only aspects of a CATV franchise that may be regulated by a local government are as follows:

    • The rate for the lowest, most basic level of CATV service
    • Customer service - answering the telephone in a timely manner
    • Use of the public right-of-way

     For more information on CATV regulation, please see this information provided by the FCC: 

    CATV In Lynchburg

    The City of Lynchburg currently has three cable television providers holding franchises.

    • Comcast, franchised to provide service throughout the City of Lynchburg.  View the Agreement
    • Lumos Networks, franchised to provide service throughout the City of Lynchburg, but currently only providing service in limited areas. View the Agreement.     
    • Shentel, franchised to provide service throughout the City of Lynchburg. View the Agreement.

    Reporting a Problem

    If you have problems related to your cable television service (for example, a TV service outage) or your bill (for example, you think that you bill is incorrect), you should contact your cable provider directly.

    • Comcast:  Call 1-800-COMCAST (266-2278) or visit their Internet site at Comcast.com.  Comcast also has a local office located at 2820 Linkhorne Drive  for equipment pickup or exchange as well as bill payment.
    • Lumos Networks: Call 1-877-320-6144 or visit their Internet site at lumosnetworks.com.
    • Shentel: Call 1-800-743-6835 or visit their Internet site at shentel.com.


    If you wish to file a complaint, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for the specifics depending on the type of complaint.