Sec. 13.1-3. Definitions.


Sec. 13.1-3 Definitions.
For the purposes of this chapter, the following phrases shall have the following meanings, unless clearly indicated to the contrary:
Qualified arts organization--The term qualified arts organization shall mean a business or not-for-profit organization physically located within the Arts and Cultural District which, by the determination of the administrator, positively contributes to the spectrum of arts and cultural activities and venues available to the public. Examples may include, but are not limited to, theatres, art galleries, museums, dance studios, music venues, performance spaces, and artists and artisans creating art within the district.
Qualified artist--The term qualified artist shall mean an individual who within the Arts and Cultural District creates visual or performing art such as but not limited painting, sculpture, textiles, dance, or music and derives 50% or more of his or her income from such creative activities. (Ord. of 4-27-10, #O-10-041)
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