Sec. 12-17. Scope of Article.


Sec. 12-17. Scope of article.
This article is adopted under the general police power granted to the city by its Charter. It is not intended hereby to grant or offer any franchise; but, as denoted by the title of this article, it is intended to regulate motorbus passenger transportation for hire in the city.
The public transportation system established by the city pursuant to section 38-g of the city charter shall operate under the name of the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company. The city regulates this transportation service through the transit company board. The board formulates policies and operating procedures for and offers general supervision of a professional transit management company providing bus service in the city. The transit company board sets the fares, service standards, general policies and executes all major contracts. (Code 1959, § 7-28; Ord. No. O-04-128, 9-28-04)
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