Sec. 11-162. Definitions.


Sec. 11-162. Definitions.
(a) Generally. Certain words and phrases used in this division shall have the meanings prescribed to them by this section, except in the instances where the context clearly indicates a different meaning.
(b) Building maintenance official. The officer or other designated authority charged with the administration and enforcement of this ordinance and the uniform statewide building code or a duly authorized representative.
(c) Certificate of compliance. A certificate of compliance is a written document issued by the inspections division confirming that a residential rental dwelling unit has been inspected. A certificate of compliance will be issued after a residential rental dwelling unit has been inspected by the inspections division and has no violations outstanding. Once a certificate of compliance has been issued the residential rental unit may be rented.
(d) Dwelling unit. A building or structure or part thereof that is used for a home or residence by one or more persons who maintain a household.
(e) Inspections division. The section of the department of community planning and development responsible for enforcement of the uniform statewide building code.
(f) Minimum habitable standards. The requirements for compliance as outlined in Part III, USBC, maintenance of existing structures, Part IV, USBC, technical amendments, and chapters 3 through 7 of the international property maintenance code, as adopted by the Virginia department of housing and community development.
(g) Owner. Shall mean the person or persons shown on the current real estate assessment books or current real estate assessment records. An owner shall include the owner or owners of the freehold of the premises or lesser estate therein, a mortgagee or vendee in possession, assignee of rents, receiver, executor, trustee or lessee in control of a building or structure.
(h) Property. The word "property" shall mean dwelling units which are leased or rented in whole or in part, to tenants for valuable consideration. The word "property" shall include residential rental dwelling units occupied under a lease/purchase agreement.
(i) Residential rental dwelling unit. A dwelling unit that is leased or rented to one or more tenants. However, a dwelling unit occupied in part by the owner thereof, shall not be construed to be a residential rental dwelling unit unless a tenant occupies a part of the residential rental dwelling unit which has its own cooking and sleeping areas, and a bathroom.
(j) USBC. Virginia uniform statewide building code. (Ord. of 10-28-03, O-03-177, eff. 10-1-03; Ord. No. O-05-032, 3-8-05)
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