Sec. 10-52. Persons Riding Upon Mopeds.


Sec. 10-52. Persons riding upon mopeds.
No person other than the operator thereof shall ride upon a moped unless such moped is designed to carry more than one (1) person, in which event a passenger may ride upon a separate and permanent seat attached thereto; provided, however, that such moped is also equipped with a footrest for said passenger. A violation of this section shall constitute a traffic infraction punishable by a fine of not more than two hundred dollars ($200.00). For any violation of this section a court hearing is not required and the person charged with such violation may enter a written appearance, waiver of court hearing, plea of guilty and pay the fines and costs. (Ord. No. O-99-225, 10-12-99, eff. 1-1-00; Ord. No. O-04-022, 02-24-04)
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