Sec. 10-21. Issuance of Card, Tag.


Sec. 10-21. Issuance of card, tag.
Upon proper application for registration of a moped, and the payment of the registration fee required by this article, the chief of police or his designee shall issue to the applicant a registration card and a number plate or tag, in such form as shall be prescribed by the chief of police or his designee. The number plate or tag shall be provided by the city at no cost to the applicant. (Code of Virginia Section 15.2-1720). (Code 1959, § 5.1-3; Ord. No. O-99-225, 10-12-99, eff. 1-1-00; Ord. No. O-00-008, 01-11-00, eff. 01-01-00)
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