Sec. 6-91.5. Use of Percentage of Gross Receipts.


Sec. 6-91.5. Use of percentage of gross receipts.
As a condition of receiving a permit, the permittee organization shall during each annual period for which a permit is issued use a minimum of five (5) percent of its gross receipts from all bingo games and raffles and no less than ten (10) percent of gross receipts averaged for three (3) consecutive annual periods for (i) those lawful religious, charitable, community or educational purposes for which the organization is specifically chartered or organized or (ii) those expenses relating to the acquisition, construction, maintenance or repair of any interest in the real property involving the operation of the organization and used for lawful religious, charitable, community or educational purposes. (Ord. No. O-94-301, 11-22-94, eff. 1-1-95)
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