Sec. 6-72. Application.


Sec. 6-72. Application.
The application for a permit required by this division shall contain the following information:
(1) Name and address of the applicant, age, social security number, race, sex, date and place of birth and where pertinent the relationship of the applicant to any company, corporation or other entity which has interest in the ownership or management of the facility.
(2) Prior criminal convictions, excluding traffic offenses, of the applicant, if any.
(3) Prospective location of the facility.
(4) Maximum number of patrons the facility will accommodate.
(5) A list of all employees who are expected to serve in a managerial capacity in the facility.
(6) A certification by the applicant that all requirements of this article have been complied with.
(7) The permit shall be valid for one year from the date issued and may be renewed in the same manner as such permit was initially obtained; however, the applicant shall not have to pay an application fee for the renewal of the permit. The applicant shall update the city manager or his designee on any changes in those employees who are expected to serve in a managerial capacity. No permit shall be transferable. (Ord. of 4-8-75, § 26-16; Ord. No. O-89-289, § 1, 10-24-89)
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