Sec. 6-4. Lectures, Shows, etc., on Sexual Matters.


Sec. 6-4. Lectures, shows, etc., on sexual matters.
No person shall, within the city, for compensation, either directly or indirectly, give any lecture, entertainment, show or performance of any kind, dealing primarily with matters of sex or sex relations, and whether using picture slides, moving pictures or illustrations in connection therewith or not, or shall sell in connection with such lectures, entertainments, etc., any books or pamphlets dealing with sex matters or sex relations, unless such lecture, entertainment, show or performance is given under the auspices of the school board of the city or some other approved organization within the city and until a permit therefor shall have been obtained from the city manager. The manager shall have authority either to grant or refuse such permit as he may see fit. The provisions of this section shall apply to any lecture, entertainment, show or performance given in any theatre, picture house or other place of public gathering or over the radio. (Code 1959, § 26-4)
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