Sec. 2-363.2. Courthouse Security Fees.


Sec. 2-363.2. Courthouse security fees.
Beginning on July 1, 2007, and continuing thereafter until changed by city council, there is hereby assessed pursuant to the provisions of Section 53.1-120 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, the sum of ten dollars ($10.00) as part of the costs taxed in each criminal or traffic case in the circuit court, juvenile and domestic relations district court and the general district court of the City of Lynchburg, Virginia, in which the defendant is convicted of a violation of any statute or ordinance, said fees to be used for the provision of courthouse and courtroom security. The fees provided for herein shall be in addition to any other fees prescribed by law.
Fees hereby levied shall be collected by the clerks of the respective courts in which the criminal and traffic cases are heard, and shall be remitted to the city’s billings and collections division and shall be held by the billings and collections division until appropriated by city council to the sheriff’s office for the funding of courthouse and courtroom security. (Ord. No. O-02-110, 5-28-02; Ord. No. O-07-051, 4-24-07, eff. 7-1-07)
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