Sec. 2-129.13. Report of Irregularities.


Sec. 2-129.13. Report of irregularities.
If during an audit or other review, the auditors become aware of abuse or illegal acts or indications of such acts that could affect the city, the director shall report the irregularities to the audit committee and the city manager. If the city manager is believed to be a party to abuse or illegal acts, the audit director shall report the acts directly to the city attorney and the audit committee. If it appears that the irregularity is criminal in nature, the director shall immediately notify the commonwealth's attorney (when appropriate) in addition to those officials previously cited. (Ord. No. O-95-157, 6-13-95; Ord. No. O-02-145, 8-13-02; Ord. No. O-03-188, 11-11-03)
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