Sec. 2-129.5. Responsibilities and Scope of Audits.


Sec. 2-129.5. Responsibilities and scope of audits.
(a) The director shall conduct his/her audit work in accordance with government auditing standards applicable to financial and performance audits and IIA standards applicable to process reviews and consulting engagements.
(b) The director shall not conduct nor supervise an audit of an activity for which he/she was responsible or for which he/she was employed during the preceding two (2) years.
(c) The director shall have authority to conduct performance and financial audits of all departments, offices, boards, activities and agencies of the city in order to independently determine whether:
(1) activities and programs being implemented have been authorized by the city code, state law or applicable federal law or regulations and are being conducted in a manner consistent with the intended objectives;
(2) the audited entity is acquiring, protecting, and using its resources (such as personnel, property and space) economically and efficiently, and the effectiveness of organizations, programs, activities, functions or policies, and the extent to which desired results or benefits are being achieved;
(3) financial and other reports are being provided that disclose fairly, accurately and fully all information that is required by law, that is necessary to ascertain the nature and scope of programs and activities, and that is necessary to establish a proper basis for evaluating the results of programs and activities including the collection of, accounting for and depositing of revenues and other resources;
(4) activities or programs efficiently and effectively serve the purpose intended by the city, state law or applicable federal law or regulations and are being conducted and funds expended in compliance with applicable laws;
(5) resources, including funds, property and personnel are adequately safeguarded, controlled and are being used efficiently and effectively, and in a manner consistent with the objectives intended by the city or enabling ordinance, statute or regulation;
(6) management has established adequate operating and administrative procedures and practices, systems or accounting internal control systems and internal management controls; and
(7) indications of fraud, abuse or illegal acts are present.
(d) Process reviews and consulting engagements will be performed as negotiated with the appropriate city official(s) requesting the review. (Ord. No. O-95-157, 6-13-95; Ord. No. O-02-145, 8-13-02; Ord. No. O-03-188, 11-11-03)
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