Sec. 2-96. Duties and Powers of City Manager.


Sec. 2-96. Duties and powers of city manager.
The city manager shall be responsible for the administration of the business of the city. In addition to any other powers prescribed by law, the city charter or the city code, the manager shall have the following authority:
(a) Except as may be otherwise provided, the manager or his designee shall have the power to make and to execute all agreements, contracts and documents on behalf of the city.
(b) To establish the city’s organizational structure by creating such city departments, divisions and administrative units as the manager determines are needed for the efficient operation of the city. Such departments, divisions and administrative units shall have the duties and functions assigned to them by the manager.
(c)The city manager or his designee shall have the authority to appoint, to supervise and to discipline or remove all heads or directors of departments and all subordinate officials and employees of the city as the council determines are necessary for the proper administration of the affairs of the city, except those in the legal departments, the office of the internal auditor, and the clerk and other attendants to the council.
(d) During the absence or incapacity of the city manager, the deputy city manager or other designee of the city manager, shall have the authority to carry out the duties and exercise the powers of the city manager.(Code 1959, § 2-29; Ord. of 4-13-76; Ord. No. O-08-148, 12-09-08)
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