Sec. 1-20. Geographic Coordinates.


Sec. 1-20. Geographic coordinates.
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Office,
Washington, Oct. 7th, 1884.
Mr. Thomas D. Davis, Lynchburg, Va.:
Sir:—At the request of Assistant B. A. Colonna, I enclose you herewith a memorandum of the geographical position of the Court House, Lynchburg, Va. I am,
Very respectfully,
C. 0. Boutelle,
Assistant in Charge of Office.
Computing Division C. and G. Survey,
October 7th, 1884.
The geographical position of the Lynchburg Court House, Va., as determined by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, is as follows:
Latitude, 37° 24' 49.1".
Longitude, 79° 08' 40.5".
Hence on railroad or 75th meridian time the clocks at Lynchburg must be kept in advance of local time 16m. 34.7s.
Charles A. Schott, Assistant.
(Code 1959, § 1-9)
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