City Charter


*Editor's note—The Charter of the City of Lynchburg, Virginia, is derived from Chapter 343 of the Acts of Assembly of 1928, approved March 21, 1928, and is printed herein for the convenience of the user of this Code. The Charter is set out herein as originally enacted and amended, but catchlines for the various sections have been added by the editor for ease of use. All amendments to the Charter have been included in their proper places and are indicated by history notes following the amended sections.
Ch. 1. Corporate Limits and Corporate Status, § 1
Ch. 2. General Provisions, §§ 2, 3
Ch. 3. Government and Administration, §§ 4—16
Ch. 4. Elections, Oaths of Office and Bonds, §§ 17—23
Ch. 5. Courts Generally and Bail Commissioners, §§ 24—36–m
Ch. 6. Powers and Duties of City: Fire and Police Departments, §§ 37—39
Ch. 7. Judge and Clerk of Corporation Court, Commonwealth's Attorney, City Treasurer and Other Officers, §§ 40—43
Ch. 8. Bonds, Taxes, Sinking Funds, Etc., §§ 44—67
Ch. 9. Streets and Other Public Places: Claims Against City, §§ 68—76
Ch. 10. Miscellaneous, § 77