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    Boarding up of Vacant Structures

    The following requirements must be adhered to in the boarding up of vacant properties:

    • All windows on the ground level must be boarded unless they have full glass panes.
    • All exterior doors on the ground level must be boarded including crawl space openings unless they have secured non-damaged doors.
    • Any window(s) on the other levels where the glass is broken out must be boarded or 
    • Minimum half-inch plywood (no OSB board) must be used.
    • Boards must be cut to fit window openings.
    • Boards to be secured with long screws with square drive heads.  Nails are not to be used.
    • Boards are to be painted on both sides and edges.
    • Paint is to be exterior, black or color of the property.
    • Paint is to be applied with a brush or roller.
    • Any other openings are to be closed after approval from the Building Official or Property  Maintenance Official.  Boarding must be completed within 72 hours of notification.


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