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    Ballot Information

    Upcoming November 5, 2019 General Election Candidates

    Member Senate of Virginia
    22nd District
    Mark J. Peake (Rep), Dakota S. Claytor, (Dem)

    Member House of Delegates
    22nd District
    Kathy J. Byron (Rep), Jennifer K. Woofter (Dem)

    Member Senate of Virginia 
    23rd District
    Steven D. "Steve" Newman (Rep), 

    Member House of Delegates
    23 District
    Wendell S. Walker (Rep), David A. Zilles (Dem)

    Clerk of Court
    Todd Swisher

    Soil and Water Conservation Director Robert E. Lee District
    No Candiates on Ballot

    Lynchburg is in Virginia's 6th Congressional District and the Commonwealth's State Delegate and State Senate are in District 22 or 23 which is dependent on your residential address