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    About VSNC

    The Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference (VSNC) provides an excellent opportunity for communities from across the Commonwealth of Virginia to come together and share their knowledge, experience and vision on how to make Virginia's neighborhoods the neighborhoods of choice. While each neighborhood is unique, all neighborhoods statewide face very similar issues and challenges ranging from the basics of organizing to addressing the complicated issues of public safety.
    Strong neighborhoods are the building blocks of a healthy community and healthy communities are the social and economic backbone of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each year the conference is attended by a diverse group of grassroots neighborhood leaders and youth, non-profit and government staff and others working in the field of neighborhood development.

    The annual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference provides attendees with the knowledge and tools they need to create vibrant neighborhoods. Conference attendees from across our Commonwealth and neighboring states will be provided with educational workshops, motivational speakers, youth activities, networking opportunities and an awards ceremony recognizing those volunteers who have invested their time and energy toward improving the quality of life in their neighborhoods....the places we all call home!

    Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference, Inc. (VSNC) is a 501c3 grassroots organization created to serve as a forum for the sharing of experiences and knowledge that strengthens a cooperative working relationship among citizens, municipality staff members, representatives of the private sector, and elected officials for the strengthening of our towns, cities, and counties through their neighborhoods. VSNC achieves this broad objective by partnering with municipalities across our Commonwealth to produce the annual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference. VSNC also plays an important role in helping to create strong and healthy neighborhoods for people of all ages, lifestyles and incomes to live, work, visit and play.





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